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NPT Roller derby
Whats in store for NPT Roller derby in 2012?

We are looking forward to joining the Roller Derby community, and cant wait to be up and skating, scrimming and bouting.  We know 2012 will mean a lot of hard work but we are ready for the challenge and the fun.

Hopefully it will be a begining of another great South Wales Roller Derby team, we are starting January with a potential 16 people and hopefully with some hard promotion in the next two weeks a few more.

First training session is on January 14th, 10am to 12pm at Hengwrt Community Sport Centre, Briton Ferry 


We are also going to be looking for sponsorship in the new year, if anyone can help please get in touch 

Cant wait for 2012, got a feeling this will be a fantastic year :)